Getting Started

How do I edit a page's content?

To edit the content of a page within the website builder, first login to the "Website builder" section, then select the website and page you wish to edit. The following video walks you through the process:

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How do I add a new page to my website?

To add a new page to your website using bookalet's holiday home website builder, first login to your "Website builder" account and then click on the pages section. The following video shows you what to do next

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How do I resize an image?

An image added to the page fills the container that it's dropped into – this is because the layouts change depending on the screen they’re displayed on, so an image doesn't have a set size, it will enlarge or reduce depending on whether the site is being shown on a mobile or desktop - for example an image added to a 3 column layout will be a 1/3rd of the page wide when viewed on a desktop, but will be full width on a mobile.

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